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Product Enhancing Your Productivity

Type a sentence with a keystroke!

ActiveWords is a small low-resource simple program that will greatly increase your productivity. With ActiveWords you can automatically correct common typing mistakes as you work. For example, if you type "abotu", ActiveWords replaces it with "about" as soon as you press Spacebar. You can also use ActiveWords to quickly insert words or phrases that are long or difficult to type. For example, use ActiveWords to automatically replace "aw" with "ActiveWords." And any time you like you can switch automatic replacement off and on, for single word as well as for the whole list.

My friends (and first betatesters) loved ActiveWords for opportunity to type most often used words in other language without switching keyboard layout. I am sure that you will find your own implementations of ActiveWords and enjoy it.

At the moment I have a version for MS Office 97/2000, but soon I will release version specially optimized for MS Office 2000. Also I am working on ActiveWords for Lotus SmartSuite 2000.

Bookmark this page and come here for updates and news about ActiveWords! :))

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